Jeff Johnson M.Ed

Product Manager | Developer

Product Management & Elearning

are some of the things I do best

My name is Jeff Johnson, and I am presently the Product Manager for the learning platform for Ethos Veterinary Health, a specialty hospital system currently comprised of 14 locations across the United States. Within Ethos, I am responsible for the development and growth of the learning platform as a SAAS for the greater veterinary industry outside of our hospital locations. As an external-facing, B2B unit, I oversee business development from marketing and sales, to design, development, and implementation of our learning platform. My role as product manager is also comprised of cross-functional support for the governing lanes within our organization. I manage a team of instructional designers and developers in the production of elearning courseware products required for on-demand asynchronous learning and live synchronous learning events. These courseware products have a two-fold function as they are leveraged internally for organizational development and then faced outwards as products included in our platform product.